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Buy 4 Lumies and Save up to 52% off

Mix or Match Lumies and save. 16 options to choose from! Save over 50% off original catalog prices with this bundle!
$44.00 $91.88

Original VoLight™ Bundle - Buy 4 Save MORE!

Free Original Teenie Wrap with Original VoLight™ Purchase.
Limited Quantities Available.
$34.00 $67.00

Buy 4 ScentMate™ Bundles and Save

Save over 40%! Bundle includes 4 personal fan diffusers with 3 ScentMate Pads each, your choice of 8 Home Fragrance Oils.
Limited Quantities Available.
$64.00 $123.68

ScentMate™ Duo Bundle

Duo Bundle includes personal fan diffuser and 3 ScentMate Pads, your choice of 2 Home Fragrance Oils.
Limited Quantities Available.
$20.00 $30.92

Original VoLight™ Bundle

Free Original Teenie Wrap with Original VoLight™ Purchase.
Limited Quantities Available.
$10.00 $16.75

Sold Out - Passionberry Dreamsicle Boho Lumie™

Dreamy passionfruit. Irresistible berries. Frosty vanilla crème.
$15.00 $22.97

Sold Out - Strawberry Lemonade Boho Lumie™

Stimulating strawberry leaf. Tangy orange fizz. Effervescent mimosa.
$15.00 $22.97

Red Hot Cinnamon Boho Lumie™

Zippy. Vivacious. Fiery.
$15.00 $22.97

Sugar Plum Shimmer Boho Lumie™

Sparkly. Candied. Posh.
$15.00 $22.97

Sold Out - PomLime Whirl Retro Lumie™

Playful Kaffir lime. Whimsical pomegranate. Iced raspberry.
$15.00 $22.97

Sold Out - Cucumber Melon Retro Lumie™

Refreshing cucumber. Juicy melon. Light seasonal blossoms.
$15.00 $22.97

Sold Out - Autumn Walk Retro Lumie™

Enchanting jasmine. Woody musk. Spicy sandalwood.
$15.00 $22.97

Mulled Cider Retro Lumie™

Tart green apple. Bold cinnamon. Woody musk.
$15.00 $22.97

Tea Leaves Wavy Lumie™

Aromatic tea leaves. Fresh cinnamon. Calming sandalwood.
$15.00 $22.97

Mountain Honey Wavy Lumie™

Natural. Sweet. Peaceful.
$15.00 $22.97

Sold Out - Sea Glass Wavy Lumie™

Calming marine. Airy floral. Cool musk.
$15.00 $22.97

Limesicle Wavy Lumie™

Stimulating lime. Vivacious watermelon fruit. Delightful cucumber.
$15.00 $22.97

Cherry Blondie Floating Flowers Lumie™

Nutty almond paste. Natural vanilla. Tasty cherries.
$15.00 $22.97

Lilac Floating Flowers Lumie™

Blooming. Sweet. Soothing.
$15.00 $22.97

Grapefruit Sorbet Floating Flowers Lumie™

Icy grapefruit. Ripened raspberry. Sweet gardenia.
$15.00 $22.97

Sold Out - Floratopia Floating Flowers Lumie™

Soft water flowers. Energizing citrus. Sun-kissed wood.
$15.00 $22.97

Caramel Pumpkin Kiss VoLight™ Scented Candles

Creamed butter. Enchanting peach. Sweet maple.

Salted Caramel Apple VoLight™ Scented Candles

Crisp apple. Gooey caramel. Divine cinnamon.

Amber Vanilla VoLight™ Scented Candles

Sultry sandalwood. Creamy amber. Warm vanilla.

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